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Who Are We

Fenix Leads is part of Fenix Media Solutions, international digital marketing company.

Fenix Leads have been established three years ago by Fenix Media Solutions, a digital marketing company. Our main goal is to generate exclusive leads in various secotrs and markets, we put much effort in expanding our business daily, we are currently one of the biggest lead generation companies in terms of leads generation daily volume.

We provide all our leads by very affordable pricing, we do our best to provide 24/7/365 customer support and keep our leads on highest quality level possible.

Fenix Leads is team of lead generation experts with huge experience and potential. We are your #1 solution

for all lead generation needs !



Meet Our Team

  • Sanjin Dario Osmancevic - ceo

Sanjin Dario is global CEO of Fenix Media Solutions coorporation, enthusiast and hard worker, Sanjin Dario have bring Fenix Media Solutions to the top of digital marketing world in last three years of our existence.


  • Anna Phillips - head data manager

Anna is a head data manager in Fenix Leads. She leads all main operations in the company, she brings bright ideas and sharp decisions when it is most important !

  • Marko Lawrence - data manager

Marko is a newest member in Fenix Leads company, he is oriented in providing solutions on generating financial leads in USA market. He is very experienced in analyzing the industry and market.

  • Chris Morales - head developer

Chris is head developer in Fenix Leads. He is in charge of developing successful lead generation solutions.

  • Milena Markovic - data and sales manager

Milena is one of our newest members, she's bringing fresh ideas daily to our work, she is currently working as a data and sales manager in Fenix Leads.


  • Tanya Vedernikov - designer and customer support service

Tanya is a gfx and web designer in Fenix Leads, she creates most of designes for our lead generation solutions, she is working at a customer support department as well.

  • Alexander Jackson - technician

Alexander is our main technician, he is in charge of keeping all our lead generation solutions fully funcional and secured.

  • Edin Salihovic - sales manager

Edin works as a sales manager in Fenix Leads, he is in charge of making new contracts with business partners and making agreements and deals with our new clients.

  • Andrea López - customer support

Andrea works at a customer support department in Fenix Leads. She is a kind and professional person as well as very productiv and responsible.

Resions to Choose us

We Are Experts
Fenix Leads is a team of experts in lead generation industry, together, we make a most experienced team ever teamed up ! All our members are well known in lead generation industry with many years of successful work behind them self.
We Have Most Affordable Pricing
Face it, ROI is most important in every business, we make your ROI skyrockert with our most affordable pricing in the lead generation industry !
We Provide Full Warranty And Client Satisfaction Guarantee
We are the only company which provides written warranty and full client satisfaction guarantee. You are fully covered with us and your satisfication is guaranteed !

Our History

  •  2013
    Fenix Leads have became one of the leaders in lead generation industry with more than 600.000 records on daily basis.
  •  2012
    Fenix Leads have started generating more than million records monthly !
  • 2011
    Fenix Leads have been established by Fenix Media Solutions