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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver the leads ?
Leads are delivered within 1 - 3 hours after received payment and they are uploaded on our secure server for you to download it, as soon as you download the leads list, they are deleted from our server.
What does "Exclusive Leads" menas?
Exclusivity of the leads means that leads are sold directly from our pingtree, that the leads have not been sold before and that they will never be sold in the future as the leads gets deleted from our base as soon as they are sold to the first client.
Which payment methods can you accept?
We can accept PayPal, Wire Transfer and Moneybookers ( Skrill ) as a payment methods.
I would like to make a big order, can we negotiate about the pricing ?
Yes, sure ! Every order above 20.000 leads in total can be negotiated about the pricing and payment model !
Do you issue an invoice before payment ?
Of course, every client receives invoice and warranty on the leads before any payment is done.
What kind of a warranty do you offer ?

We offer full warranty on every lead sold by us, in case you would ever find a disconnected phone number, wrong detail on file, bounced email address or anything bad on the leads, we will replace the leads as soon as possible.

What is your customer satisfaction policy ?
We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all leads we sell. If you would be unsatisfied with the leads you purchase from us - we will provide a full list replacement as long as you can provide a valid reason and / or report.
Can i get a subscribed order with you ?

Of course ! We can make a special deal and special discounted price for all prepaid, subscribed, deals !