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Make more sales with better car insurance leads

In sales, the quality of your leads is everything. It's even more true in the car insurance industry, where the big companies with enormous advertising budgets make it difficult to compete. Cold or lukewarm car insurance leads are hardly worth anything. After all, unless your leads are interested in switching carriers or are buying a new car, auto insurance is a pretty tough sell. The best car insurance leads should connect you with people who have expressed an interest in what you're offering. And that's exactly the kind of car insurance leads you'll find with Fenix Leads !

Our car insurance leads are very detailed, which gives you power to highly target your future customers and offer them the exact product they need. As every other leads we generate, car insurance leads are, as well, exclusive leads, freshly generated, cleaned and verified. Car insurance leads comes with full warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee as well !






Leads structure / information collected from leads ( LONG FORM LEADS ) :


Technical information :


Time Stamp
Ip Address



Personal Information :


First Name
Last Name
Phone 2
Home Ownership
Medical Payments
Liability Limits

Credit History

Driver Information :

Driver DUI
Driver Education
Driver License Age
Driver License State
Driver License Status
Driver Marital Status
Driver Occupation
Driver Suspension
Driver Violation


Vehicle Information :

Vehicle Annual Usage
Car Coverage
Car Coll Deductible
Car Commute
Vehicle Comp Deductible
Vehicle Garage
Vehicle Main Use
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model Year
Vehicle Rental
Vehicle Towing

Insurance Expire




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